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What's in this stuff, anyway?
Discover which ingredients to look for when choosing a bleaching cream - and which to avoid.

Skin Lightening Methods
Compare the pros and cons of spa lightening treatments versus take-home bleaching creams.

Anal Bleaching 101
Before embarking on your butt beautification, learn more about the anal bleaching process.

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Anal Bleaching in the Media

"Most places offer the initial application at the spa for about $100-150, then sell you a set of the bleaching lotion or gel to use at home. The whole in-spa process takes about 20 minutes, one Sacramento technician told us. Depending on how dark your skin is, you may need to reapply a number of times to see results. One Los Angeles spa even said that for some people they recommend applying it twice a week for up to eight weeks."

~ Cosmopolitan

"Much to my ignorance, bleaching one's anus (I guess to bring it back to its budlike, puckish pink) has become an obsession far beyond the young jet set and the detail-oriented gay community. These days, anal-bleaching creams can be purchased as easily as cough drops."

~ Marie Claire

"The safe pigment reducers are vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B3 (niacin). Other herbs like emblica and licorice, and fruit acids like glycolic acid, also work. Beware, however, because the most common skin lightener, hydroquinone, is not uniformly safe. It's been banned in Europe and the FDA has proposed to ban it in the US. Hydroquinone may cause cancer and it causes rashes and can even darken the skin."

~ The Dr. Oz Show

How to Choose an Anal Bleaching Cream

Very few beauty treatments are as hot today as anal bleaching is. Once a little known beauty procedure used by adult film stars, anal bleaching has quickly become a mainstream cosmetic treatment that's being used by people from all walks of life. Men and women are both discovering the benefits of this popular skin lightening treatment.

Part of this newfound popularity is due to the easy availability and safety of today's modern at-home anal bleaching treatments, so those who are too shy or embarrassed to visit their local spa or laser surgery center can now treat themselves at home.

Of course, as anal bleaching has risen in popularity, a number of different products of varying quality have started to flood the industry. As you may be able to imagine, it is important to carry out the anal lightening process as safely as possible, and that starts with choosing a good product to use. If you don't choose a good cream, you may experience uncomfortable or dangerous side effects like:

  • Severe discomfort
  • Burning
  • Incontinence
  • Skin discoloration
  • Rash and inflammation
  • Inferior skin lightening results

Unlike with most other beauty products you use daily, you probably won't be able to get much a word-of-mouth recommendation from anyone - even on the internet - to help you select a decent anal lightening product. So you will have to do the research yourself and learn how to look out for specific ingredients.

Why Anal Bleaching Cream is the Best Method

Let's back up for a second. When it comes to bleaching your backside, there are a couple of different treatment options for you to choose from. Anal lightening cream is affordable, safe, easy to use, and private. You can enjoy all of the benefits of bum bleaching without leaving your home. No one else has to see your private area or treat you.

Lightening Ingredients to Look For (and Which to Avoid)

Choosing the right cream comes down to understanding what ingredients get the best results. There are a few ingredients to avoid when it comes to choosing an anal bleaching cream. The main ingredient to cautious of is Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has been banned in several countries, including Japan and the EU, and for good reason too.

Several scientific studies have linked this chemical to cancer, and it also has been known to cause severe irritation after use. Also, it has been known to actually increase pigmentation after its use, which seems counterproductive to using it in the first place. Obviously, this ingredient may be worth avoiding.

There are other ingredients for skin lightening, and some of them are naturally produced by plants instead of chemical sources, so you're extra assured of the safety of these ingredients. Some of the more effective natural ingredients include a-Arbutin (Alpha Arbutin), Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid and Malic Acid.

Buy Anal Bleach

Are you interested in finding out more about anal bleaching creams, including the lowdown on which creams contain natural ingredients and which ones contain harmful chemicals inside? We've reviewed many of the top anal bleaching creams, making it easy for you to find the best products out there.

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