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Discover which ingredients to look for when choosing a bleaching cream - and which to avoid.

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Compare the pros and cons of spa lightening treatments versus take-home bleaching creams.

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Before embarking on your butt beautification, learn more about the anal bleaching process.

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Anal Bleaching in the Media

"Most places offer the initial application at the spa for about $100-150, then sell you a set of the bleaching lotion or gel to use at home. The whole in-spa process takes about 20 minutes, one Sacramento technician told us. Depending on how dark your skin is, you may need to reapply a number of times to see results. One Los Angeles spa even said that for some people they recommend applying it twice a week for up to eight weeks."

~ Cosmopolitan

"Much to my ignorance, bleaching one's anus (I guess to bring it back to its budlike, puckish pink) has become an obsession far beyond the young jet set and the detail-oriented gay community. These days, anal-bleaching creams can be purchased as easily as cough drops."

~ Marie Claire

"The safe pigment reducers are vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B3 (niacin). Other herbs like emblica and licorice, and fruit acids like glycolic acid, also work. Beware, however, because the most common skin lightener, hydroquinone, is not uniformly safe. It's been banned in Europe and the FDA has proposed to ban it in the US. Hydroquinone may cause cancer and it causes rashes and can even darken the skin."

~ The Dr. Oz Show

Divine Derriere Skin Lightening Bleaching Cream Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5

Pink Daisy Natural Skin Lightening CreamEveryone wants to look their best - even when it comes to their most intimate areas. If you're new to anal bleaching, and you're not sure what this beauty movement is all about, let us explain. As you age, and as certain external factors change your body (such as sun exposure or oral contraceptives), certain intimate areas of your skin will darken over time.

Some women take these natural age-related discolorations in stride. Others begrudgingly accept them because they aren't aware that skin lightening products exist. The last group are made up of women just like you: women who know that they deserve to have youthful looking, blemish-free skin. Even if it's a part of their body that isn't exposed every day.

Divine Derriere is one of many different products available in the anal bleaching cream market. But does it work? Or will it leave you feeling disappointed? Our product review will answer these important questions, and more.

Divine Derriere Ingredients

Divine Derriere has some promise to it, but there are also some unfortunate drawbacks on the ingredients list. This cream includes natural skin brightening extracts, such as kojic acid and alpha arbutin. It also contains a whole host of moisturizers, antioxidants, and antimicrobial ingredients for optimal skin health.

However, it also contains one particularly dangerous ingredient: hydroquinone. This skin bleaching chemical, although effective in higher concentrations, has been banned by several countries. The US FDA has recently proposed bans and increased regulations on hydroquinone-containing products. This is because the chemical has been connected to several medical disorders such as Ochronosis, photosensitivity, allergic reactions, and possible links to certain cancers.

It is hard to list all of the ingredients in Divine Derriere, because the company refuses to publish them in a public space. However, the manufacturer's website does claim that a full list of ingredients is available on each jar of cream, meaning you will have to purchase Divine Derriere in order to find out the truth.

Does Divine Derriere Work for Anal Bleaching?

There are a good number of positive customer reviews for the efficacy of Divine Derriere. However, this is most likely due to the inclusion of the harsh bleaching chemical hydroquinone than anything else. Were they to remove the hydroquinone and go with an all-natural skin brightening formula, it cannot be said whether the cream would still be effective or not.

Buy Divine Derriere Skin Lightening Bleaching Cream

You can purchase directly from the Divine Derriere website, but many customer reviews suggest buying the product off of eBay for a much cheaper price. Back in 2012, Divine Derriere suffered an overwhelming deluge of customer service complaints due to products not being shipped and refunds not being given. However, it appears as though such problems may have been fixed recently.

Divine Derriere has some overall promise, but it also has some significant drawbacks. Their past history of customer complaints plus their inclusion of a potentially dangerous ingredient might make some customers want to shop around a little more. We would suggest starting with our product review of Secret Bright, an all-natural skin lightening formula with rave customer reviews.